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Greatly widened application field of coal gangue superfine p

Coal gangue production of cement industry: production of ordinary Portland cement; production of special cement; production of non-clinker cement.

Coal gangue production of building materials: sintered coal gangue brick, good quality, color uniformity; production of coal gangue light aggregate, lightweight aggregate is less for relative density of the concrete, and the selection of a class of porous aggregate.

 Production of coal gangue cotton: with coal gangue and lime as raw material, melting temperature, injection of a construction material.

Coal gangue to produce chemical products: crystallization of aluminum chloride, with coal gangue and chemical industrial by-product hydrochloric acid as the main raw materials, after crushing, burning, grinding and acid leaching and precipitation crystallization, concentration and dehydration made production processes, is a new water purification agent;

Coal gangue water glass production of ammonium sulfate: coal gangue of iron sulfide at high temperatures produce SO2, SO3 re-oxidation and production, water production of sulfuric acid, ammonium compounds and ammonia production. 

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