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Classification and application of hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher applied in cement industry, chemicals, electricity, and metallurgy industries of crushing medium hard material, such as limestone, slag and Coke, coal, and other materials in middle and ultrafine crushing.

Hammer Crusher can be divided into: single-stage hammer Crusher hammer crusher, high- efficient hammer crusher, play-sand machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crushers.

  • Single-stage hammer crusher( Composite hammer crusher)

Single-stage hammer Crusher hammer crusher, mainly for limestone crushing jobs, large single stage hammer crusher can crush limestone diameter 1m to 20mm directly, has powerful crushing capacity. Single-stage hammer crusher has a large number of applications in the cement industry.

  • High-efficient hammer crusher

Efficient hammer crusher is mainly used for superfine crushing operation of materials, it is an important equipment in the field of superfine crushing. PX high efficiency crusher as an example, hammer heads are remote model, hammer head and hammer handle connect through the bolt. Hammers are made of high abrasion resistance chromium- molybdenum alloy, hammer wear resistance is the most durable of all hammer crushers. Hammer head’s remote model makes the replacement of Hammer very convenient.

  • Play-sand machine

Play-sand machine is the most traditional hammering crusher, hammer heads connected directly on the rotor by wearing bar. In order to avoid breaking of hammer, hardness of hammer’s material cannot be too high. Therefore, the wear resistance of play-sand machine’s hammer is shorter than high-efficient hammer crusher’s.

  • Vertical shaft hammer crusher

The biggest advantage is no sieve-plate structure, there is no jam. But there isn’t large angle counterattackprocess between vertical shaft hammer’s hammer and lining plate, so fine crushing effect is slightly lower. Hammer as a whole model, repairs and maintenance is more cumbersome.

  • Reversible hammer crushers

This type’s crusher mainly used in fine crushing job for soft material and low abrasion materials. Rotor with positive and negative operational capacity in both directions, can greatly improve the life cycle of hammers, reducing replacement number of hammers.

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