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Key components of Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher is commonly known as jaw breaker, the crushing cavity is made up of dynamic and static two jaw plates. Jaw crusher imitating animals jaw movement, completed crushing operations. Widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries, and medium-granularity broken in various ore and bulk materials. Maximum compressive strength of crushing materials is 320Mpa.

Jaw Crusher of how quality, mainly by its main rack, Jaw plates, side guard and other parts decision, the following will introduce six major parts of the structure of Jaw Crusher and installation and maintenance:

  • Rack

Rack is a top and bottom opening walls of a rigid frame, used as a support shaft, and withstand the crushing material reaction. Requirement of sufficient strength and stiffness, overall cast steel castings for general use. Small form factor high quality cast iron can also be used in place of cast steel, mainframe rack required segmented cast, then bolted firmly links into the overall, casting complex. Homemade rack can also be used for small Jaw Crusher plates welded together, but less rigidity.

  • Jaw plate and side guard plate

Moving jaw and fixed jaw plates both are composed of jaw bed and jaw plate, jaw plate is the working part, with the bolt and wedge fixation in jaw bed. Fixed jaw’s jaw bed is anterior wall racks, moving jaw’s jaw bed hung in the week, Moving jaw’s jaw bed hanging on the shaft, to have sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand breaking force, which is most cast steel or cast iron.

  • Driving medium

     Eccentric spindle is the axis of crusher, has large bending torque, making of high carbon steel. Eccentric part needs precision machining, heat treatment, bearing bushing use babbit pouring. Eccentric shaft mounted pulley at one end and the other end mounted flywheel.

  • Adjusting device

Adjusting device has wedge type, pads and hydraulic and other types. Generally use the wedge type, which is composed of both before and after block wedge, wedge can be moved back and forth before and resisting push back plate; wedge after wedge for regulation, may move up or down, of two wedge incline backward riding, by a screw that wedge moves up and down adjusting the outlet size. Small Jaw Crusher discharge hole after the adjustment is used to increase or decrease how much thrust bearing of plate and gasket between the racks to achieve.

  • Flywheel

Jaw Crusher flywheel to store energy of the moving jaw empty rows, then formation used in industrial, mechanical work meets tended to be evenly. Pulley also plays a flywheel part. Flywheel is often made of cast iron or cast stee, minicomputer flywheel is often made as a whole. Flywheel manufacture, installation should pay attention to static balance.

  • Lubricating device

Eccentric shaft bearings are usually centralized circulating lubrication. Spindles and the face of thrust plates generally used grease oil gun oil manually. Moving jaw angle is very small, between the spindle and bearing lubrication difficulties, often several axial opening at the bottom bearing oil Groove, driving a circumferential Groove in the middle to make it connect, and then forced into dry grease lubrication with oil pump.

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