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The preparatory work and operating instruction of jaw crushe

1. Preparation before Starting

(1) Check lubricating of main bearings; check whether the toggle plate and movable jaw, underlay of upper toggle plate can work well, and whether there is enough lubrication between toggle plate and underlay of upper toggle plate.

(2) Check whether all fixed parts are well fixed.

(3) Check whether the weight center of flying wheel and groove wheel is all right. The weight center should be in line with eccentric shaft through the central hole of main bearings.

(4) Check whether the belt is installed well and replace with a new one if it is worn. Clear the belt wheel and groove wheel

with clean cloth if there is any oil stain on them.

(5) Correct the protecting devices if there are not in good condition.

(6) Check whether there are any materials in the crushing groove and clear it.

(7) Check whether the gasket is installed correctly or pressed tightly.

2. Starting of Jaw Crusher

(1) Start the machine only after making sure that the machine and transmission part can work in good condition.

(2) This machine can only start in no -loading condition.

(3) Stop the machine immediately if any uncommon phenomena occur. Start the machine only after checking and correcting.

3. Use of Crusher

(1) Start feeding after checking that the machine works well.

(2) Put the material evenly into the machine, and avoid putting material from the side or feeding too much to avoid over feeding, sudden load change or being blocked.

(3) Stop feeding before stops the machine. Stop the motor after all the materials are discharged.

(4) Stop the motor if there is any stagnancy due to the blocking up of material inside the machine.

(5) The other side can be used if one side of fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate are worn.

(6) Check all fixed parts before starting to use and tighten the part if it is loosening.

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