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Grinder machine operation announcement

Grinder machine is a essential mining equipment for miner, so how to make the machine working for long time is very important.

The operator must carefully observe the operating conditions. This can effectively prevent failures from occurring, to maintain equipment properly.

Therefore the operator must ensure the following tasks:

1. Forbidden pieces of metal into the grinder machine, otherwise it will damage grinding roller and grinding ring.

2. Grinder machine feeding should be uniform, non-erratic. feeding too much will be blocked duct, lower output, easy to burn out motor, while feeding too little is not good also. Feed size: hard material in the diameters is less than 15 mm, soft material diameter is 20 mm, large pieces of material is strictly prohibited into the machine.

3. Air volume control: air flow control valve on the intake manifold, generally open to maximum position. according to fineness, yield requirements appropriately adjust. Control valve located in the exhaust pipe can be no dust emitted. It should be noted, because wind is too small, the duct is easy to sediment, please be adjusted appropriately.

4. Grinder machine fineness adjustment: according to materials, size, hardness, moisture content, adjust the top analyzer, the speed is high, the fineness is high, while speed low, thin low. Improve the fineness, the output of grinder machine will be reduced accordingly.

5. Roller mill ring limit: the remaining minimum wall thickness is not less than 10mm.

On the basis of more than 15 years' production experience of our company, we grinding mill manufacturer-CLIRIK absorb technology advantages from the same field abroad and domestic, organizing elite powder processing experts to investigate, research, try again and again, finally, we develop CLIRIK grinding mill machines. CLIRIK grinding mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining minerals in areas such as grinding materials processing. According to the fine grinding of materials and discharging materials fineness, milling machines can be divided into several models:

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