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Graphite grinder mill, Graphite milling machine

Graphite is mined around the world by both open pit and underground methods. While flake graphite and amorphous graphite are both mined open pit and underground, lump (vein) graphite is only mined underground in Sri Lanka. The open pit mines usually employ equipment (i.e. bulldozers) to scoop up the ore, which is usually put in trucks and moved to the plant. Since the original rock is usually lateritized or weathered, this amounts to moving dirt with flecks or pieces of graphite in it from the pit (blasting is seldom required). The underground graphite mines employ drilling and blasting to break up the hard rock (ore), which is then moved by mine cars pulled by a locomotive, or moved by automotive vehicles, to the surface and then to the plant. In less-developed areas of the world, the ore can be mined by pick and shovel and transported by mine cars pushed by a laborer or by women carrying baskets of ore on their heads.

Graphite usually needs beneficiation, although thick-bedded amorphous graphite and vein graphite is almost always beneficiated, if beneficiated at all, by laborers hand-picking out the pieces of gangue (rock) and hand-screening the product. The great majority of world flake graphite production is crushed and ground if necessary and beneficiated by flotation. Treating graphite by flotation encounters one big difficulty: graphite is very soft and "marks" (coats) the particles of gangue. This makes the "marked" gangue particles float off with the graphite to yield a very impure concentrate. There are two ways of obtaining a saleable concentrate or product: regrinding and floating it again and again (up to seven times) to obtain a purer and purer concentrate, or by leaching (dissolving) the gangue with hydrofluoric acid (for a silicate gangue) or hydrochloric acid (for a carbonate gangue).

Graphite Grinder mill Machines

Our graphite grinder millinclude Raymond mill.HGM series grinder mill, rock  grinder mill, stone grinder mills, milling machinery, ultrafine powder mill, and powder ultra fine mill.Raymond mill is the vertical grinder mill, which is popular in many countries and has very long history. Super thin mill is special for super thin grinding and coarse powder mill is special for coarse powder grinding. You can choose suitable graphite grinder milldepends on your graphite size, hardness, capacity and your cost budget. Grinding materials of our HGM Micro Powder Grinder millinclude various stones and rocks, such as: Kaolin, limestone, calcite, marbles, barites, gypsums, pyrophyllites, dolomites, calcium carbonates, pigments, clays, coals, carbon black, activated carbons, feldspar, talc, mica, carbon black, petroleum coke, alumina, chromic oxide, quartz, cements, up to more than 100 materials. Product fineness can be controlled between 325~2500 mesh.

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