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China Grinder mill History

Grinder mill development will be a history of recent decades, the world's popular and dominant Raymond, mostly in the United States on the basis of Newell's derived, the possession of nearly Qi Cheng, the first medium-speed grinder milling machines can be traced back to 19th century history of 50 years. Raymond grinder mill scrap the emergence and development and the development of the industry is closely related to the beginning to deal with only some thin material, with the deepening of understanding and processing of hard materials crushing superiority of the materials show, a variety of Raymond grinder mill are continuously developing and thus the birth of three-ring medium speed grinder mill, and its increasingly wide range of uses, and can with appropriate conveyor and sorting equipment can be easily formed Kuangshi Grinding Line. Three-ring medium speed grinder mill in China relatively late, to the 50s last century, our country really has a broken machine. Therefore, China's crushing and screening equipment are over 50 years came out. 80s in the last century, we made the grinder mill is limited to processing of coal and limestone and the like in the hard material. Until the late eighties of last century only developed country hard rock grinder mill, not only filled a gap grinder mill high hardness. Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology to further in the

Raymond grinder mill produced based on the development of three-ring medium speed grinder mill. Three-ring medium speed grinder mill is a kind of ore crushing machinery. Its technology in recent years along with modern high-tech and new materials industry and developed a new crush engineering technology, has become the most important industrial minerals and other raw materials processing technology, one of the development of modern high-tech industry of great significance. But now our domestic grinder mills and foreign compared to the gap there is still some, therefore, the future direction of development of

grinder mills mainly in the following areas:

First, the need to Grinder mill the existing structure of the better three-ring medium speed grinder mill on the hard ore crushing capacity and ease of maintenance, its main focus on board hammer, improved rotor structure for on the replacement board and hammer mounted card; counter stand (broken cavityshape) of the structural optimization of an ore crushing rate increase and energy efficiency.

Second, the research and development of high toughness, high wear-resistant materials, the new board to improve board hammer hammer the life and increase productivity.

Third, the application of modern mechatronics technology and modern control methods (such as hydraulic technology, electronic technology), and continuously improve the three-ring medium speed grinder mill automation to reduce labor intensity and increase productivity. For example: the application of modern computer-aided design optimization of structural parameters of counter-frame, to increase energy efficiency and a broken rates of ore.

Fourth, to meet market and customer needs, three-ring medium speed grinder mill being serialized standardized, large-scale development.

Fifth, adhere to technical innovation, and gradually get rid of the products of a single introduction and imitation.




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