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Gypsum Applications,Gypsum grinder mill

Gypsum is monoclinic mineral, and ite main chemical composition is CaSO4. Gypsum is a widely used industrial materials and construction materials. Retarder for cement, gypsum building products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper filler, paint filler .

Gypsum Industrial Applications:

Gypsum is monoclinic, a high degree of cleavage, easily split into thin sheets. The gypsum is heated to 100 ~ 200 ° C, lose some crystallization water, gypsum hemihydrate can be obtained. It is a hard cementitious material gas, with α and β are two forms were tested diamond crystal, but different physical properties. crystallization of α-hemihydrate gypsum good, solid; β-type Hemihydrate is flaky and cracked crystals, crystal is very small, specific surface area than the α-hemihydrate gypsum is much greater. When the production of gypsum products, α-type hemihydrate gypsum need less water than β-type, products, higher density and strength. Often used in saturated steam autoclave steam condensed media is made of α-hemihydrate gypsum, also known as gypsum; open the device with a wok or a rotary kiln is made of calcined β-mixing half water, gypsum, which is building gypsum. Industrial by-products of chemical gypsum plaster the same properties with natural, without too much processing. Semi-water slurry mixing gypsum and water re-formation of dihydrate gypsum, condensation in the drying process quickly gained strength hardening, but the water is softened. Cementitious materials is the production of gypsum plaster and gypsum building products, the main raw material is Portland cement retarder.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of HGM series grinder mill, rock grinder mill, stone grinder mills, milling machinery, ultrafine powder mill, and powder ultra fine mill.

Grinding materials of our HGM Micro Powder Grinding mill include various stones and rocks, such as: Kaolin, limestone, calcite, marbles, barites, gypsums, pyrophyllites, dolomites, calcium carbonates, pigments, clays, coals, carbon black, activated carbons, feldspar, talc, mica, carbon black, petroleum coke, alumina, chromic oxide, quartz, cements, up to more than 100 materials. Product fineness can be controlled between 325~2500 mesh.

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