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Debugging the jaw crusher equipment





The flywheel rotates but the movable jaw doesn't work

1. Spring broken
2. Tension rod broken
3. Toggle plate broken

1. Change spring
2. Change tension rod
3. Change toggle plate

The plates shake and produce bump sound

1. Bolts of plate is loose
2. Bolts of plate broken

Tighten the bolt or change the spring for preventing loosening

Bump suond or other abnormal from the toggle seats

1. The spring is loose
2. The seat is worn out or loose
3. The end of toggle plate is worn out
4. Adjusting device of discharging opening is not set evenly

1. Tighten or change the spring
2. Change toggle seat
3. Change toggle plate, reset the adjusting device

The flywheel gets loose

1. The key is loose; the key and keyway are worn out
2. Lock device at the shaft end is loose

1. Tighten or change key
2. Tighten the lock device at the shaft end

Output size increases

The lower jaw plate is worn out

Narrow the discharge opening; reverse or change the jaw plate

Crushing chamber gets blocked and the electric current increases

1. Big stones get blocked in the upper part of the chamber
2. Discharge opening gets blocked as belt conveyor below it goes wrong
3. Discharge opening gets blocked due to vicious or other materials
4. Overfeeding

1. Stop crusher and lift out the stones with crane
2. Stop feeding and solve the problem of the belt conveyor without stopping crusher
3. Stop feeding and clear the discharge opening without stopping crusher machine
4. Reduce the rotation speed or the feeding amount

Bearing temperature is too high

1. The lubricant is insufficient
2. The lubricant is dirty
3. Bearing broken

1. Add adequate lubricant
2. Change bearing


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