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The main factors of Affecting Jaw Crusher production capacit


There are many factors influenced the jaw crusher  of production capacity:

1. the humidity of materials. When materials containing more water, materials easy to adhere in the jaw crusher, also blocked up in the next feeding process, which causes crushing capacity decrease.

2. the hardness of materials. The harder of the materials,the more difficult to be broken up, and the more serious equipment suffers wear and tear. The speed is slow,  correspondingly the crushing capacity is small.

3.high requirement of the fineness of materials after crushing. The thinner of the materials after crushing, the smaller crushing capacity.

4.material composition, it is easy to affect crushing for the materials containing more micropowder before crushing, because the micropowder is easy to adhere, which affacts conveying. For containing more micropowder, it should be through a sieve in advance.

5.the better of the bearings (hammer, jaw board) of crushing equipment, the larger the abrasion resistance is, if not, will it will affect the crushing capacity.

6. the viscosity of materials. The bigger of the viscosity of materials, the easier to adhere. 


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