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HGM Series Grinder Mill machine Installation


1. HGM Series Grinder Mill  machine Installation Attentions

1) There should be a lifting facility with the capacity above 7T. The height of lift should not below 9M. (For HGM8021, lifting facility above 2T with height above 7M)

2) There should be an reinforced concrete for main unit and blower. No need reinforced concrete for diffuse double cyclone collector and impulse deduster, but they should place on hardened ground, and fix them with expansion bolts.
3) The contacting flange for each pipe should be parallelization, and put the resilient sealing pat, rubber, or silicon sealant between the flanges.
4) The diameter of electric wire should be matched with each motor’s rated current.
5) After finishing the equipment installation, you should first check if there is bolt, nut or some other thing in the machinery.
6) Firstly, you run each machine slowly by hand, after feel it works normal, you can start electric motor.
7) Run each machine separately to check if there is something wrong with the switch.
8) Check if the rotating of cyclone, classifier and main unit in correct direction according to appendix 2.
9) Start the blower and check pipes and their joints to see if there is air leakage. The whole system is running under the negative pressure, and the air is absorbed from outside, if there is a leakage on the pipes or their joints, it will lower production capacity or even jams the main unit, so it is necessary to check it carefully.
10) Fix all the fastenings.
11) Adjust the motor coupling, and the proper alignment of main coupling is φ0.05mm.
12) The level of framework and motor bottom is 0.065mm.
2. Test before running
1) Before test, please check if the components and pipes are in good condition. Check the firmware firm regularly.
2) Fill HJ30-40# industrial oil into main unit reducer, up to 3/4 point in oil window. Ensure to change oil each three months (based on full load: 8 hours a day).
3) Fill HJ30-40# industrial oil into bucket elevator, up to 3/4 point in oil window. Ensure to change oil each three months (beads on full load: 8 hours a day).
4) Check if control system and related motor connecting wire are correct. Short-circuit and misconnecting is permitted.
3.Debug Equipment
After check, please debug and test according to below procedure.
1)     Push up main switch
2)     Start air compressor (machinery oil filled), adjust dust cleaner pressure meter indicates 6-7Kg. Water discharge outlets under water separation device and air manifold should be discharged twice per 8 hours.
3)     Start impulse control system, adjust impulse frequency to once per 4-5 seconds.
4)     Start bucket elevator.
5)     Start hammer crusher.
6)     Put raw materials in hammer crusher to certain amount, and then start classifier.
7)     Turn on the switch when frequency converter indicate light on, and then adjust classifier rotate speed. Classifier and main unit turn clockwise when observe from above. The classifier rotate speed is subject to final product fineness according to client requirement (approximately 100 rotate equals to 100 meshes).
8)     Start high pressure cyclone.
9)     Start ultrafine grinder mill machine main unit after cyclone running normally.
10) Start vibrating feeder after main unit works. For HGM10027 Grinding Mill  machine, when the current of main unit exceed 200 but vibrating feeder still feeding, turn current relay meter indicator left slightly until the feeder stop feeding based on current 200A. If the current is below 200A, then turn the meter right to 180A-200A.
For HGM8021 Grinder mill  machine, the working current for vibrating feeder parameter is 100A.
11)  Start discharge valve and spiral conveyor to hold finished products.
12)  All procedures are finished.
Remarks: Fill machinery oil in ultrafine grinder mill machine main unit and classifier bearing once per three days. (Filling oil can be operated when the milling machinery is working.)
4. Stop procedure
1) Stop hammer crusher
2) Stop bucket elevator
3) Stop vibrating feeder
4) Stop main unit when the current below 100A for HGM10027 grinder mill  machine, and below 60A for HGM8021
5) Stop high pressure blower
6) Stop classifier after blower stopped working completely.
7) Stop discharge valve and spiral conveyor after all the finished products collected from powder collector and deduster.
8) Stop air compressor
9) Stop impulse controller
10) Switch off main switch


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