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Ground Calcium Carbonate / Limestone

Ground Calcium Carbonate / Limestone
The  natural state of  calcium carbonate occurs as chalk, limestone and marble. 

Both wet and dry grinding methods are commonly used in processing the limestone for industrial uses.  Paper, plastic, paint, rubber and caulk producers use calcium carbonate as a way to improve quality and lower manufacturing costs.  Plate glass, bottle and fiberglass producers use larger quantities of calcium carbonate as a source for calcium, an essential ingredient in their manufacturing processes.  Calcium carbonate also helps to make many industrial plants more environmentally friendly through its use in waste treatment and flue gas scrubbing systems.
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate / PCC
Precipitated calcium carbonate (CaCO3), commonly referred to as PCC, is a bright, high purity mineral.  Carbon dioxide is reacted with calcium hydroxide to form precipitated calcium carbonate with specific crystal morphology:
Calcium Hydroxide + Carbon Dioxide = Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
       {Ca(OH)2}     +       {CO2}       =     {CaCO3}
Precipitated calcium carbonate is one of the most versatile chemicals used in the modern paint/coatings, ink and paper making markets today.  PCC is a cost effective material used to improve the physical characteristics of finished products. 


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