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The limestone micro powder in industrial applications prospe

The limestone is a major component of sedimentary rocks by calcite. All over the country, the fine quality and more easily in the surface, mining and low cost, and the development process and comprehensive utilization of easy application domain of maximum. The limestone is cement manufacturing. Cement with considerable advantages, the industry since the invention of cement, cement products as the main material construction has already been 180 years history. Even in science and technology is developed today, no studies, therefore investment alternatives mill production line for processing cement limestone on manufacturing is a good way for economic benefits.
The limestone can be used in the manufacture of glass, etc, caustic soda, ironmaking soda with limestone, remove the gangue, made by flux slag materials, lime do sulphur, phosphorus removal such harmful impurities. In life, burn limestone is made of pure powdery calcium carbonate, used rubber, plastics, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. Of the stuffing Agriculture, with quick lime sulfur compound bordeaux mixture, etc. The soil ShouShiHui can counteract the soil acid, improving soil structure, supply plants need osteocalcin. Brush with lime slurry, can protect trees trunks. Chemical industry use of chemical process using limestone XiaoSuanGai calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, such important calcium salt, China's xinjiang province limestone, given the huge economic value of limestone mining in recent years, will develop lime stone powder processing industry, and have achieved good economic benefit.
Lime writing after grinding mill can be applied to many fields, obtain considerable economic benefits, in recent years, lime stone powder processing industry gradually hasten heat.
Grinding machine is the main equipment processing limestone, adjustable discharging fineness of new grinding machine, can produce suitable for various USES of limestone powder. Meet various processing requirements. HaiXie families on the mechanical production HGM series three-ring speed micro powder mill, products processing various requirements to limestone, adjust the grain-size range from several orders to 3000, high output, and stable performance. Now many lime stone production line for domestic investors to install a complete success, mill production line for the customer provides security has economic benefits, the buyer is grinding equipment, the optimal choice.

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