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The maintenance method of Hammer crusher

Hammer crusher'S  hammers is very important, hammer work process, the wear rate of hammer is high, want to improve the service life hammer crusher hammers to maintain good, specific methods are as follows:
(1) the crusher of technical parameters

Technical parameters of the crusher hammers will also affect the service life of the rotor, which is the main power and speed. They are not only related to the production capacity, also crusher hammers impact hardening in relation to the extent. Good impact hammer arteriosclerosis, its service life can be extended.
(2) hammer of structure design and quality of manufacture
Hammer of structural design and geometry of the mechanics properties of heat treatment and metallographic organization has very big effect. Especially the size of the hammer thickness, the effect is more outstanding. According to the different material hammer fracture failure analysis form, hammer breaking is the main cause of its internal or surface defects existing in different degree. Because of the defects existing in most hammer, make use of early fracture phenomena occur. Therefore, in the hammer the firstborn should be established, the reasonable during casting and heat treatment process.

(3) had broken pieces of material and hardness
The greater the block of material, its toughness is higher, and materials required for higher hardness, hammer head taller hardness materials required. A specific type of crusher should adopt appropriate for partical in a certain extent, it extended hammer life-span.
(4) between internal adjustment. Crusher
Crusher internal gaps refers mainly to turn back Bi board, plasma and hammer of the clearance between. These gaps in relation to the size, will Bi and security are integrated near. If the product material existence, and hammer cannot be integrated Bi from the material under pressure, hammer will severely friction and wear.


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