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The calcite superfine powder processing equipment

The calcite ultrafine powder processing equipment used in the production of ultrafine powder processing, product size in 1819-2500 orders to arbitrarily regulate.
Properties and features:
Effective 1.
In the final fineness and power of the same circumstances, grinding, mixing mill than airflow mill, the yield twice as above.
2 Vulnerable parts long service life
Roll grinding mill, using special materials and forging, thus greatly improve the utilization degree. In the material and final fineness under the same impact crusher, than with turbine crusher wear a long use life 2-5 times, can reach above one year, processing, calcium carbonate, calcite life can reach 2-5 years.
3 the safety and reliability
Mill chamber is rolling bearing and bolt, so nonexistent bearings and the seal of the problem, not vulnerable to loose bolts and damage to the equipment.
4 products high fineness
Product fineness one-time can reach more than 5 muon m. D97
Environmental 5.
The use of impulse precipitator and muffler reduced dust pollution and noise, reach the national standard of environmental pollution, the surrounding environment.
Set includes hammer crusher, bucket, storage silo, vibration feeder, micro powder grinding host, sorting machine, double frequency, pulse whirlwind powder dust collection system, high-pressure blower, air compressor, electrical control system.
Working principle:
When the work, the main motor drive shaft rotary gear reducer and through the roll wheel rotation, edge drive dozen roll grinding pins in the ring rolling rolling within the tao.
The big hammer crusher broken into granules by hoist into storage silo, again after vibration feeder and tilted feed pipe materials, evenly to the upper bulk material plate.
Under the influence of the material in the centrifugal force scattered around the circle, and fell to the ground ring rolling ring rolls within the tao is rolling rolling, impact, grinding, after three layers of ring, high-pressure blower processing into powder by suction action will breathe air outside, and will be shattered in the material into classifier.

Rotating impeller made within the classifier coarse material dropped weight, accord with the requirement of the mill powder with air into the whirlwind set by the device and the powder of unloading valve is finished, and from the air with a fine dust, after impulse precipitator after purification by fan and muffler.
Technical parameters:
Model: HGM8021
Ring rolls quantity: 21
Roller ring: 3
Average diameter 800mm: work
The grain-size: more than ten
Final fineness: 47-5/2500mesh - 325
Production: 40-45 kg/h
Appearance: 13x3x5 8m....

Technical parameters:
Model: HGM10027
Ring rolls quantity: 27
Roller ring: 3
Work on average diameter: 1000mm
The grain-size: more than ten
Final fineness: 47-5/2500mesh - 325
Production: 9-65 kg/h
Appearance: 18x4x8 6m)


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