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The urbanization development to bring an new opportunity

According to the present situation of rapid economic development, and in the process of urbanization and industrialization, highway, railway, water conservancy and other major infrastructure investment will increase to break the rigidity of the mechanical equipment strong demand, will impel the crushing equipment sales.

The national development and reform commission to promote the rise of the central region planning by 2015, mentioned in the central region to realize the economic output, further improve the proportion of GDP per capita to reach the national average, urbanization rate increased to 48% of target. Anhui province of shanxi, is promoting including, jiangxi, henan, hubei and hunan provinces, six in the central region of the overall planning of economic and social development, 2009 September 23, wen jiabao, standing committee of state council chaired by the principle of discussion and planning to promote the rise of the central region.

Planning refers to include in shanxi, anhui, jiangxi, henan, hubei and hunan provinces including six central area, is China's important grain production base, energy and raw material base of the equipment manufacturing industry base and the comprehensive transportation hub in economic and social development pattern, occupies an important position. Since the implementation of the central region strategy to promote the six provinces of central China, the speed of development speed, urban and rural people's living standards improved steadily. However, the central region is also facing many restricting the long-term development of contradictions and problems. In response to the international financial crisis, maintain fast yet steady economic growth process, the central region to further strengthen comparative advantage of national development and the support ability.

The level of urbanization at the central region is still relatively low, 48% of urbanization rate, means that real estate, infrastructure, must accelerate urbanization construction pace. The urbanization construction will accelerate the industrialization in central region, as the important infrastructure application processing equipment - crusher will directly benefit.

In addition, in the process of urbanization, industrialization, direct drive industrialization will encourage all industry developed rapidly. Along with the rapid industrialization, according to statistics, some cities stave machinery industry from 2005 advocate business wu income only 70 billion yuan, 2009 will rise to 700 million yuan, the good development momentum. By 2010, with the entering of planning to promote the rise of the central region of the policy, the crusher will have larger space


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