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Crusher industry hava some investment opportunity

      In recent years, the crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. The rapid economic development is inseparable from the industry development.

    Highway and railway applications, according to our country "long-term planning of network and current building project, and combining the trend extrapolation predicted results by 2010, China railway construction mileage will reach 80,000-8.5 million kilometers. During the 11th five-year plan ", the key is the national highway construction, key national highway, the main network reconstruction, rural highway and transportation hub. Currently, passenger/has confirmed the key national highway construction plan of the longitudinal and transverse 13 15, 28 road, planning to 7.1 million kilometers of total mileage.

   Mining applications, over the next few years, particularly in western region development of mining industry kingdom. The geological exploration of mineral has proven reserves of mineral reserves, 161 on the potential value of the total 50.45 %, which accounts for 45 main mineral potential value of the total 5.. 8 % than eastern and central regions of proven reserves potential value. With the reorganization of the coal industry and close small mines, but the size of the above at increasing mine coal output, the rise of the vast market for mine mining equipment will be sustained and rapid development of crusher, increased demand.

    Chemical and water conservancy etc, future years will be kept fast growth, the demand for crusher will also continue rapid growth.

     The enterprise diversification of investment opportunity crusher.

     Diversified investment refers to investors (enterprise) of different areas and different industry (industry), or in the same business investment in the industrial production of different products, investment to expand the business scope, develop diversification. Diversified business investment enterprise group is to increase returns, run a risk dispersedly, the development of modern enterprise management is also a kind of trend.

    At present, our products and export products are mainly based on imported components, domestic development is relatively weak, so the enterprise in the basic technology and basic components in more investment opportunities.

    At present main breaker exported to southeast Asia, Africa and Australia, etc. China is already crusher, because our production has some advantages, crusher products to enter the international market is an inevitable trend. In the next few years, our products are exported to southeast Asia, and that the more opportunities in Africa, southeast Asia and Africa: firstly, the economic development of transportation faster increase investment in infrastructure, exploitation of mineral resources, especially Africa and increased demand for crusher, Secondly, southeast Asia and Africa, and other countries, the need to import behind the development of crusher, Our product is competitive price, can enter a wider range of choice scope of Asian and African countries.

    On HaiXie secco machinery manufacturing crusher (jaw crusher, hammer crusher) in foreign market promotion, it let customer satisfaction of chinese-made products. Also in the domestic market, we are full of confidence.


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