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Grinding Mill working process

Grinding Mill working process:

         Big block materials are broken jaw crusher to the desired size, by the elevator the material sent to storage hopper, and then the vibrating feeder evenly and continuously into the host of quantitative indoor grinding mill, grinding the powder after child was taken away fan airflow. The analysis of the grading machine, consistent with the fineness of the powder will flow through pipes into a large cyclone collector, were isolated and collected and then discharged shall be finished by powder pipe powder child. Flow cyclone collector by the large top of the return air tube blower inhalation. The machine is a closed loop system, the airflow, and is under negative pressure in the positive cycle of flow.To Mill indoors due to ground moisture content of materials which Yi Ding, grinding heat generated when grinding room leading to gas evaporation Gaibian Liao Qi Liu Liang, Yi Ji Machine Ge Guan Dao closely connected Bu Shi outside the gas is inhaled air volume increased to Xunhuan air, as Zhengci By adjusting the balance between fan and duct host to achieve the balance of air, and the excess gas into small cyclone collector, the remaining sub-collection of gas into the powder down, and finally by a small cyclone collector into the upper section of the exhaust pipe the atmosphere, or into dust collector to empty gas purification within.


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