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How to change the wearing parts

How to change the wearing parts:
1.Remove the two fixed bolts (as 1) on the top of shaft.
2. Remove the nut (as 2) on the top of shaft (in counterclockwise direction).
3.Remove the upper distribute plate (in counterclockwise direction). It will be easier to remove the distribute plate if put some oils into the screw threads, and put a piece of steelbar with diameterφ30 into one of four (diameterφ32) holes on the plate, then hit the steelbar in clockwise direction to remove the upper distribute plate).
4. Remove turn plates 4&5
Screw three M24 eyebolts into the holes on the upper turn plate, then hit the plate lightly by a hammer, remove it use lifting appliance, after finished, use the same way to take out the lower trun plate.
5. Remove seven shafts.
6. Change the wearing parts, such as rollers, rings, etc., then assembly the parts back.



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