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Pendulum grinder machine

Pendulum Grinder mill is also called suspended vertical roller mill, or Raymond, is a " ring - roll " milling combined air filter, air transportation forms of milling equipment. Pendulum Grinder machine is the fixed disk type plate mill. Pendulum Grinder is a strong universal milling equipment, there should be a continuous dry milling, size distribution, fineness continuously adjustable, compact structure. Pendulum Grinder finished size according to different requirements can be 0.125-0.044mm ( equivalent to 120-325 mesh) within the scope of regulation.

Pendulum Grinder machine uses a very wide range of common materials to be ground and used as follows :
( 1 ) soil types : clay, clay, bentonite, magnesite, clay, bauxite, etc..
(2 ) non-metallic mineral categories: gypsum, talc, graphite, fluorite, calcite, limestone, Fo stone, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar and quartz.
(3 ) metal oxide class : manganese ore, chromite, ilmenite, bauxite, etc..,
(4 ) Chemical composition categories: coke, lime coke, metallurgical coke, barium sulfate, etc..
(5 ) Other : Pendulum Grinder 's products are used in many industries such as metallurgy industry furnace used for fire-resistant layer of magnesium powder; oil pressure to open sealed with barite powder injection port; using bentonite slurry as a drilling lubricant Agent; chemical powder for light industry use different rubber, plastics,quarry plant, paper, paint filler; building materials industry, ceramics, glass, enamel, white cement, gypsum products, magnesite products, raw materials have to undergo a pendulum mill Processing.
(6 ) Pendulum Grinder is mainly used for grinding Mohs hardness of 7 below, moisture below 6% of all non- flammable, explosive mineral materials.


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