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325 Mesh Limestone Grinding Mill Equipment

To grind these non-metallic ores such as limestone, the special grinding mill equipment not only realizes environmentally friendly production, but also has high efficiency, large powder extraction rate and excellent particle size. It is a special equipment for many new and old customers and partners. The HGM limestone grinding mill has a number of patented technology support, an increase of 40%, large production capacity, low energy consumption, and a pulse dust collector to achieve 99% efficiency of dust collection.

What's the Advantages of 325 Mesh Limestone Grinding Mill

To grind fine powder, we recommend that you use an limestone grinding mill to obtain a more effective grinding effect. We are deeply engaged in the development of the milling market, developing coarse grinding, fine grinding, superfine grinding and other equipment to create value for customers. Among them, the 325 mesh limestone grinding mill has high grinding efficiency, large crushing ratio and high classification efficiency, which can help enhance market competitiveness.

1) Advantages: good classification

 is equipped with a forced turbine classification system, the particle size classification is very fine.

2) Advantages: high dust collection rate

The forced turbine classification system is adopted, the dust collection rate is 99%, and the new limestone grinding mill is more environmentally friendly.

3) Advantages: less energy consumption

The grinding wheel and ring are made of special wear-resistant steel, with long life and low energy consumption.

4) Advantages: stable operation

The base of the main limestone grinding mill is an integral casting type, which is stable in operation and good in shock absorption.

325 Mesh Limestone Grinding Mill Working Flow

The process flow of the whole set of limestone grinding mill mainly includes the steps of crushing, milling, grading and powder collection. Let's take a look at the process in detail below.

Crushing-crush the raw ore in the crushing room to meet the feed size.

Grinding-the material is sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and is crushed and ground by the roller.

Classification—The powder is blown to the classifier above the host for sieving.

Powder Collection—Use a dust collector to collect the finished product, and the coarse powder will be ground again until it is qualified.

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