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Fluorite Powder Processing Clirik Recommend These Models Grinding Mills

After be grind the fluorite powder can be used in the metallurgical industry: ironmaking, steelmaking and ferroalloy flux, slagging agent, raw material for the production of artificial cryolite. The mineralizer for cement clinker production in the cement industry can reduce the sintering temperature, easy to calcine, short sintering time, and save energy; in the glass industry to produce raw materials for emulsified glass, opaque glass and colored glass, it can reduce the temperature during glass melting , Improve the melt, accelerate the melting, thereby reducing the fuel consumption rate; in the ceramic industry, it is the flux and opacifier in the process of manufacturing ceramics and enamel, and it is also one of the indispensable ingredients for preparing glaze. Fluorite powder is so useful, how to produce the high quality fluorite powder? If there is any grinding mill can be used in fluorite powder grinding? Clirik will tell you

50-450 Mesh Fluorite Powder Grinding

YGM Raymond Mill
YGM Raymond mill is one of the high technology powder grinding machines, the YGM Raymond mill get continune to improve in the past few years, so at present, YGM Raymond mill had the most stable working performance in minerals powder processing.

300-2500 Mesh Fluorite Powder Grinding

HGM micro powder grinding mill
HGM micro powder grinding mill also be called ultra fine powder mill, the powder fineness made be HGM micro powder grinding mill can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, it's the most popular ultra fine powder making machines at presend market, if you want to produce the superfine powder, HGM micro powder grinding mill will be your good helper.

400-3000 Mesh Fluorite Powder Grinding

CLUM vertical roller mill
Compare with other grinding mills, CLUM vertical roller mill usually has a better passing rate, D97 even can up to 99%, and the powder size made be CLUM vertical roller mill is more uniform. 

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