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Grinding Mill Machine and Powder Classifier in Stone Powder Production Project

As a R&D and manufacturer of mining machinery, the quality of the equipment largely depends on the various accessories that make up its equipment. If the quality of the accessories is good, the quality and performance of the equipment can be guaranteed. The analyzer plays a very important role in the production accessories of micro grinding, and is the basic guarantee for improving the performance of grinding mill machine.

The powder classifier in the grinding mill machine is to control the fineness of the material grinding. The powder classifier  drives the 60 blades on the turntable to rotate through a speed-regulating motor and a two-stage deceleration to form a powder classification effect. The speed of the blade speed is adjusted according to the size of the finished powder. When obtaining fine-grained powder, it is necessary to increase the speed of the blades to increase the contact between the blades and the powder, so that the undesirable powder is thrown by the blades to the outer wall and separated from the air flow, and the coarse powder falls into the grinding chamber due to gravity. After regrinding, the qualified finished powder is sucked into the cyclone collector by the blade along with the airflow. After the airflow and the powder are separated, the powder is collected.

 The powder classifier  impeller of the micro-powder mill has a great influence on the powder selection. The analyzer blades used in our grinding mill machine equipment are squirrel-cage-shaped analyzers. The use of the squirrel-cage powder classifier  blades can improve the fineness of the powder to achieve Good results. It can reach the fine powder of 800 mesh or more. However, the grinding mill machine we are familiar with, its analyzer uses an impeller analyzer, so its powder fineness can only reach 400 meshes. Based on this simple comparison, we can roughly understand that the mesh size of the analyzer is determined by the rotational speed of the powder classifier's impeller. The higher the speed, the higher the fineness of the analyzed material.

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