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The Use of Ultra Fine Grinding Mill for Making Up Industry

Ultra fine grinding mill are two important applications in the cosmetics industry, and they have unparalleled advantages. With the development of technology, more and more industries have begun to pay attention to the configuration and development of ultra fine grinding mill. In particular, the traditional Chinese cosmetics industry attaches great importance to the development and application of milling equipment, because only grinding equipment directly improves the breadth and depth of application, and also promotes the development of the traditional Chinese cosmetics industry. They promote each other and develop together.

ultra fine grinding mill

The ultra fine grinding mill makes the Chinese traditional cosmetics leap from micro powder to ultra-fine. Therefore, there is no need to add any auxiliary materials, you can directly granulate. At the same time, the fiber has a fixed water swelling. The superfine fibers have more expanded particles. After it enters the face, it dissolves faster. Because the finer the fineness of the powder, the faster it will be absorbed by the body, and it can also be combined with the skin, so as to create a more refined level of makeup.

The application of ultra fine grinding mill in the cosmetics industry makes the fine powder more fine and uniform. The contact area between the cosmetic powder and the skin is increased, which is better dispersed and dissolved in the skin, and is easily absorbed in the skin, and the effect can be significantly enhanced. Whether it is for external use or oral administration, the fine powder processed by the ultra fine grinding mill can be used in a smaller dosage and obtain greater efficacy. The fine mineral powder material is partially insoluble in water. After being processed by the ultra fine grinding mill, the size is reduced, and the dissolution in the body is accelerated, and the absorption capacity is increased.

ultra fine grinding mill

The ultra fine grinding mill can promote the insoluble fine powder components without destroying the dissolution. This is conducive to the discovery of new minerals and solves the problems existing in the cosmetics industry, which provides a very good help to the development of beauty science.

According to the resistance to fine powder, the ultra fine grinding mill can use the temperature, low temperature, and ultra-low temperature of the medium to pulverize. The ultra fine grinding mill has a wide range of applications, and can process dense shellfish, bone grass powder and mineral powder, etc. It has many advantages in the grinding of many materials, and it is suitable for ultra fine grinding with high toughness or The material contains a certain amount of moisture in the material. In addition, according to statistics, micronized fine powder can generally save 70% of 30% fine powder material. The significance of research on the protection of important resources is very important. The above description, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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