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Clirik CLUM Zeolite Vertical Roller Mill

zeoliteAs an emerging material, natural zeolite is widely used in many sectors, and its practical value is expanded with the continuous development of science and technology. For example, in the building materials industry, it can be used as a cement hydraulic active admixture, an additive to inhibit alkali-aggregate reaction, an alkali-free antifreeze early strength agent, and zeolite low-alkali high-strength cement. The natural zeolite was further processed, and the original crystals were turned into powder through the zeolite mill equipment. The research found that the filling effect, fluidization effect, strength effect and durability effect of natural zeolite powder and its ultra-fine powder can be Used in the production and processing of high-performance concrete and high-performance concrete.

The zeolite crushing production line can use a vertical roller mill

vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill have outstanding performance in many non-metal fields, fully demonstrating the "advanced charm" of high-efficiency milling, environmental protection and low carbon. For zeolite powder processing, it is recommended to use a vertical zeolite ore mill, which produces 80-325 mesh fine powder. The production capacity and purity are very stable. The price of the mill is tailored to the needs of different customers, and the price is high. If you need ultra-fine zeolite powder, you can use our ultra-fine vertical zeolite ore mill, which produces 325-2500 mesh fine powder. This article introduces you to the price of a zeolite powder vertical mill?

Question: What are the advantages of processing zeolite powder with a vertical roller mill?

Answer: The vertical roller mill is the current "star equipment" in the field of non-metal powder making. For materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and moisture within 6%, it has high yield and high efficiency. For zeolite powder processing, The vertical mill can guarantee the production capacity and particle size. At the same time, because of its high-quality mill accessories and scientific grinding raw materials, the impurity content in the grinding process is low, the purity of the powdered zeolite is high, and the single-machine production energy consumption cost is low, and environmental protection Low-carbon, in line with the current production needs of the energy saving and emission reduction industry.

Question: Which vertical zeolite powder mill is better?

Answer: There are many choices of zeolite powder vertical mills. There are many mill manufacturers that can provide diversified mill equipment for customers to choose. The company is one of the earliest mill manufacturers in the country that devoted itself to the development and production of vertical mills. It has strong strength and rich experience. The main equipment is vertical mills with high technology content and easy operation. It is applied to zeolite When grinding and other materials, the production capacity and particle size are very stable. At the same time, it provides a complete set of milling solutions to provide customers with subsequent supporting services, and strive to create greater profit value for customers with high-quality products and services.

Q: What is the price of the zeolite powder vertical roller mill?

Answer: The price of zeolite powder vertical roller mill. This article mainly introduces the price of CLUM vertical roller mill. Benefiting from the company’s adherence to the principle of seeking truth from facts, when formulating the price of the mill, we fully base ourselves on the market, from the customer’s point of view, and integrate the resources of the performance and parameters of the vertical mill based on the actual milling needs of customers and the current status of the industry. , Optimize the configuration, create a scientific and reasonable complete set of vertical milling mechanism powder solutions, and push the price of cost-effective mills.

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