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Grinding Mill Dry Weather Maintain

What's the most dry weather in a year? You must will reply me, it's autumn. As we all know, compare with other seasons, the autumn is more drier and has a less rainfall, but it’s cooler than any other seasons in a year. Generally speaking, the autumn season is the most suitable season for grinding mill, it’s unlike summer, too host and too much water, or winter too cold to easy start the machine. However, there is a very important issue in autumn for grinding mill running, it’s dry weather problem, how to resolve this problem? 

Unlike the summer, the temperature is too high to ensure the grinding mill in an normal working environment, the autumn working also will cause the high temperature on the “body” of grinding mill. Because it’s too dry, there is less water around the grinding mill, so after a long term running, the grinding mill grinding part will increase to a higher temperature. As we all know that the high temperature working is very harm for grinding mill, so we need to make the working grinding mill “cool down”. Adding lubricating oil on the grinding parts is a good method, it can ensure the grinding mill grinding more smoothly, so that the extra heat of grinding mill also can be decreased. That’s a really good method.

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