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grinding mill seize the future Ultrafine powder market

With the development of powder industry and national infrastructure development, industrial production of materials have become increasingly demanding fineness, milling machine in industrial applications are increasingly being used mill technology is constantly increased.
 In general, the milling machine is divided into Raymond Mill, Ultrafine powder grinding machine, powder milling machine, large milling machine, high pressure mill, meal milling, ball mill, and other series models. Milling machine is mainly used in building materials in agriculture, gold based, paper, pharmaceutical, food, energy and other operating ground Mohs hardness 7, and humidity below 6%, if the use of hot air, can be ground up to 10% -12% humidity, the non-flammable materials, such as soil types: clay, clay, bentonite, magnesite, clay, alumina ... ...; non-metallic minerals: gypsum, talc, graphite, fluorite, calcite, zeolite, limestone, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar, quartz; metal oxide class: manganese ore, chromite, ilmenite, titanium, bauxite; chemical composition categories: coke, petroleum coke, silicon carbide, barium sulfate,
The milling machine is also be called gypsum milltalc milllimestone mill barite mill,apatite mill etc.
 One. Raymond Mill machine structural characteristics:
 R-Pendulum Grinder, formerly known as hanging roller mill, also known as Raymond Mill, Raymond Mill, ring rolling mill, Pendulum mill wheel, is a kind of ring with roller milling air filter, pneumatic conveying in the form of milling equipment. With continuous dry milling, particle size distribution is concentrated, fineness continuously adjustable, compact structure, through into the hot air, can also be finely ground and dry as a joint equipment.
 Raymond technical advantages:
 1, using high-precision grading system, grading, high efficiency, finished under the same power output increased by 30%.
 2, the product fineness of powder will even, through screening rate of 99%, which is difficult for the other milling equipment available.
 3, the transmission gear box can be closed or dual motor drive; transmission smooth, reliable operation. Especially the belt transmission structure is simple and easy maintenance.
 4, the important parts are made of high quality steel, wear-resistant parts are high-performance wear-resistant materials, machine wear, reliable operation.
 5, the electrical system with centralized control, no one can achieve the basic milling plant operation, and maintenance of party times.
 6, the optimal allocation of pipes, fan system, reduce air resistance and wall wear, to ensure that production steadily.
 7, according to the materials or the special needs of the user flexibility to configure the drive, ensure that the system is running in the best condition.
 II. Superfine Mill technical advantages:
 Shanghai Saico Machinery Co., Ltd. New Mill - HGM series of ultra-fine grinder mill is a combination of thousands of domestic and international customer experience and design, Shanghai Saico Machinery Co., Ltd. has fifteen years experience in equipment manufacturing, has now developed into the largest, the international leader, the Shanghai production of the only super thin mill machine enterprises, the Shanghai municipal government named the "Chinese Journal of grinding base." Products not only renowned domestic and export world market sales of stone processing equipment - 40% of mill products is from Shanghai Saico Machinery Co., Ltd. or its agents, has many brands in the domestic agents. 
Super thin grinding  Mill technical advantages:
 1. Investment, high efficiency: Compared with large complete sets of equipment, the investment savings of 60 to 70%;
 2. Low energy consumption: the use of a unique process, significantly reducing energy consumption;
 3. Classification accuracy: high-efficiency turbine classifier, the unique structure, grading effect;
 4. Wear, low noise: the use of special ceramic alloy hammer and hammer only contact with the material, machinery, low noise, low loss, very little product contamination;
 5. Environmental protection: configured high pulse dust collector, vacuum the entire system is running, no dust emissions;
 6. Easy installation: no large-scale civil works, equipment, run a smooth, safe and reliable.
 Grinding Mill technology development and industrial production increased requirements for raw materials, milling machine will become the darling of the market, the Shanghai Saico machinery in the market-oriented development concept under the guidance of production and technology development to adjust the direction for the future competition in the market fully prepared in advance.


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