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Clirik Grinder Mill widely used in the Gypsum

It is understood that Gypsum has become the paper, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, paint, pharmaceutical and defense industries and dozens of mineral raw materials necessary. It is reported that Japan still has the Gypsum used in place of steel manufacturing cutting tools, lathe bits, and the application of internal combustion engines, such as Shell. Especially in recent years, rapid development of modern science and technology, making more extensive applications of Gypsum, a number of high-tech fields began to make extensive use of Gypsum as a new material, and even atomic reactors, high temperature porcelain space shuttle and spacecraft parts, but also with Gypsum made. In addition, the application of Gypsum in the paper industry is very extensive. There are two main areas, one is in the paper (or papermaking) process used in the filler, the other is used during the surface coating of paint. For the general culture of paper, packing paper weight accounted for 10-20%. For coated paper and paperboard (including Gypsum ore lightweight coated paper, coated paper and coated paperboard), in addition to packing, but also need to paint, fill, paint with the proportion of Gypsum for paper weight 20-35 %. Gypsum used in paper making, paper can give a good performance and good coating coverage luster performance, but also increase the whiteness of the paper, opacity, smoothness and printability, greatly improve the quality of the paper.
Shanghai Clirik is to see such a great value Gypsum, racing against time developed a Gypsum Grinder Mill. The new grinder mill, compared with the traditional vertical mill has unparalleled advantages, the application number of the latest national mill patents, novel design, reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, long operational life, and the vulnerability of low cost and high cost performance characteristics. Its technical performance has reached international advanced level class, and Gypsum grinder mill,  high pressure grinder mill compared to the traditional five technical advantages:
1, can improve the efficiency of crushing and grinding ring ladder roller. The aircraft will be grinding roller and grinding ring ladder designed to reduce the access between the roller and grinding ring of material deterioration, thus extending the time for rolling the material to improve the crushing effect.2, the use of pressurized can play a role in the pressure balance springs and shock absorption can play the role of a smooth resilient connection. The machine uses the lever principle, the symmetrical roller assembly with a horizontal rod connected through the spring, when the bulk material a top priority when the roller assembly, the radial force of the spring rod to pass through the symmetry plane roller assembly to balance, this condition, the device's overall force points and other products increased 40% compared; and flexible coupling is to reduce the vibration and noise, to avoid the resonance.


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