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How to solve the environmental problems of ultrafine grinder mill?

Ultrafine grinder mill's environmental problems mainly are dust and noise, water pollution of wet grinding.
In dry ultrafine grinder mill grinding, more or less have dust problems, feeding the mouth, and the fan discharge port seal, due to the fine powder particle size, easy to fly from sealing a bad place. The solution is to maximize the use of negative pressure system, the use of good sealing and fine grinding equipment grading equipment. If necessary, on the crushing plant installed dust removal system to ensure clean production workshop, which for pigments, dyes, fiber powder and toxic Powder is extremely important.
Ultrafine grinding equipment have certain vibration and noise, especially for vibration mill, ball mill, the noise up to 120dB, if necessary, set up a special box or isolation room isolation, isolation grinding equipment. Has now developed a number of low-noise ultra-fine grinding equipment, such as tower mill, agitation mill can be given priority. However, adverse superfine environment, different industry requirements are not the same, in the mining, refractories, coal industry and other industries, conditions are relatively poor, and in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries need to be clean. In any case, it is imperative to reduce noise. Shanghai Clirik Machinery HGM series micro powder grinding equipment has the sound proof house, which reduced the noise efficiently.
Wet ultrafine grinding, whatever the process, especially fine ceramics, powder metallurgy, inorganic non-metallic materials, such as industry, the application of water, oil or alcohol that can be recycled. This requires dehydration (or oil) to water or oil after filtration, in the case of raw materials to ensure that no contamination can cycle applications.
Ultrafine grinding is one of many industrial unit operations, environmental issues should be considered in the specific conditions.

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