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Investing the fluorite grinding machine ie you best choice

According to grinding industry report, more and more investors start to invest the fluorite grinding machine. What’s fluorite and why it is able to form one large international market? Actually, Fluorite is also called fluorspar, it is the CaF2 crystalline and the chief source of F element. Because F element’s special chemical property, a lot of industries have great demand of fluorite, such as new energy resources, national defense, optics, electron and chemical industries, etc.

Investing the fluorite grinding machine ie you best choice
1. In the new energy resources field, fluorite is the most irreplaceable material to produce Li-Po, HF-electrolyte and fluoric solar-cell.
2. Fluorite is used for uranium enrichment and purification. Also, liquid F can be used as the oxidizing agent of rocket.
3. Benefit from the organic fluorine materials’ chemical resistance, thermostability, dielectricity and non-stick performance, fluorite has wide application in new material field. The famous case is the wall of the Water Cube and GORE-TEX fabrics.
4. Also, the well-known application of F is being used as refrigerant, for example HFO-1234ze. 5. When fluorite is used to produce HF, it can be used to clear IC and VLSI. The scientists believe that the modern Electronics would not develop if we had not developed the fluorite industry. 6. Fluorite is also well known for its application in optics, it is the key technology of producing professional camera-lens. Because fluorite has low refractive index and high filtering property, it is chief choice to produce optical components.
7. The info communications industry is also favor of fluoride. The fibre optics that made of fluoride performance well in long distance information transfer. Relay stations are saved in thousands kilometers.
8. Even in medicine industry, fluorite plays an important in producing drugs. Currently, 15%~20% new medicines contain Organic fluoride.
Fluorite also have many other utilizations, the market is quite large. But all utilizations begin with fluorite processing, selecting suitable fluorite powder grinding machine and building one good performance fluorite powder production line. 

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